Inject Java EE Beans into Tapestry-5.x

Tapestry uses it’s own Inversion Of Control (IOC) container. Tapestry pages are not Servlets or Servlet Filter (and not another managed class). Therefore they cannot be used for injection of Java EE Beans. But there is the AppModule, which is conceptual some kind of related to Spring Java Config. It allows to configure the Tapestry application directly in Java. Like everything in Tapestry it has an Adaptive API. Hence you have to follow a naming (signature) pattern for your methods and Tapestry finds them. You don’t have to implement an interface.
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Standalone Tomcat with jBoss plus authentication against LDAP

There is a 2nd edition of this post: Standalone Tomcat with jBoss (2nd Edition)!
This tutorial desribes, how to install and configure a standalone Tomcat, so that a deployed webapp can authenticate against LDAP and connect to a jBoss passing the credentials in every call of an EJB via remote interface , so that the business application can authenticate against the same LDAP, too. The configuration of the jBoss seems to be a more common and better documented task and will be covered in another tutorial, which I will link here later, as soon as I have written it.

WARNING: Please don’t use this solution in a productive system, but for testing purpose only. The custom LdapExtLoginModule presented here exposes the credentials of all online users to all classes using the same class loader! I will add a blog post, as I find a solution for production systems.
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