Backup Rotation with Date

Again (see ring buffer), this is a post, which shows an approach I will not need, since my backup script will change encore un fois.

I began to write a backup script using hard links and rsync in order to have incremental backups inspired by incremental backups with rsync. But after a little bit of hassle with bash script a friend gave me the hint that rsnapshot is out there and this little perl tool is either enlightened by Mike Rubels approach. So I will have to change my backup strategy from ‘push’ to ‘pull’ and make some other subtle changes, but don’t have to bother with ring buffers and backup rotation, because rsnapshot has already worked that out for me.
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Ring Buffers with Bash Script

This post is a little bit infantile, since it does present a really, really simple thing, but I wrote the shell code yesterday for a backup script and it seems as I will not need it. So I write it down here so either I do not forget it (who knows when it will come in handy?) or perhaps someone else says: “Hey my script could be much easier using this”. In the next days I will post the code that replaces the code shown in this post, so stay tuned.
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Generate HTML from Colored Terminal for Sharing Diffs

The version control system git has the nice feature git diff --color-words which shows on a word by word basis the changes, coloring new words green and deleted ones red. The script converts a colored xterm output to html. This way you are able to share your diffs with others: hello world example. For \LaTeX you may use latexdiff, which highlights the changes in the generated PDF/DVI-output.