Azure DevOps Wiki Export

Lately I needed to export an Azure DevOps wiki as one PDF. There is a plugin that claims, that it can do this and of course you can export each page in the browser and concat them with tools like pdftk. Unfortunately, the plugin is in a very early stage and I did not have any control over the Azure DevOps instance. The latter felt like loosing…

Hence, I searched for a “computer scientist”-solution. So I downloaded the repo and installed pandoc.

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LaTeX: replacing “-quotation marks with \glqq{} and \grqq{} in vim

If you ever had the problem that your LaTeX document contains wrongly formatted quotation marks (either in a german or english text), you most likely went all the way through your document searching for quotation marks and replacing them accordingly. Here are easy vim commands using the substitution feature (similar to the unix sed command) to replace all occurrences of quotation marks with the correct replacement for english texts:


And this one for german texts: