Menus with Icons in Ubuntu Karmic++

With the update to karmic koala ubuntu reversed the color scheme of context menus. Before the foreground had been dark and the background bright. Now, guess what, it’s the other way around. With this change, the property for showing icons in context menus has been disabled, too. This is due to transparency problems. Unfortunately, programs like eclipse make extensive use of this feature. So, not having these icons anymore is more than annoying.
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Unnecessary Code Detector

Recently I found a nice eclipse plugin for finding dead code. The standard eclipse check finds unused private fields and methods, only. You may use STRG+SHIFT+G for finding references to a public class or method in advance. But this approach is limited to search for methods/classes without references one by one, which is very time consuming. The UCDetector starts a search for methods and classses without any references to it in all projects in the current workspace respecting inheritance and presents the results in the ‘Problems’ view. Read More