The ChatGPT Programming Experience: A Second Attempt

Welcome back to my series on using ChatGPT for programming (written with help of ChatGPT)! In this second installment, I’ll share my experiences using ChatGPT to build a small software project.

Here you can find the chats:

I set out with the premise that I would not write more than a few lines of code, leaving most of the work to ChatGPT. Let’s dive into the numbers, the areas where ChatGPT slowed me down, and the moments where it truly shined.

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Large Language Models, GPT, and I

This is the first blog post in a row that describes my first experiences with ChatGPT as a pair programmer and assistant for a developer. As you will see, these experiences had some ups and some downs, but all in all – spoiler alert – on the one hand is the advancement in A[G]I (Artificial [General] Intelligence) especially in regard of NLP (Natural Language Processing) using LLM (Large Language Models) and GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) very impressive. On the other hand I had to revise some of the observations (and criticism) I made, just weeks later, since the pace of evolution in the AI scene is so freaking high.

So these are the blog posts of this series:

  1. This post
  2. The ChatGPT Programming Experience: A Second Attempt
  3. The Evolution of Large Language Models in Programming: A Broader Perspective

But let’s start at the beginning (the following text has been created with help of GPT-4)…

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